Economic and Business Statistics Training Center

PPSEB (Economic and Business Statistics Training Center) is one of the statistical training centers for undergraduate and graduate students. PPSEB was established to improve the students’ statistical skill as well as to provide the assistance especially for students who still have analytical and practical problems. PPSEB also serve the micro and macro data collection used by the student for their research projects.


  1. Improving the student ability to use statistics and its application
  2. Providing economic and business data.
  3. Providing training and consultation in economic and business.


  1. Statistical software such as SAS, Eviews, SPSS, Minitab, Excel, and Stata.
  2. Micro and macro-economic data from various publication
  3. Statistical laboratory.


  1. Training on economic and business statistics and its application.
  2. Training on statistical softwares.
  3. Training on writing strategies for thesis and international publications
  4. Training on other quantitative, qualitative and experimental research methods