Center for Economic Studies (PPE)

The PPE or Center for Economic Studies was established on February 1, 1996. PPE is center for economic and policy research, training and consulting activities. In conducting researches, PPE collaborate with other public and private institutions. PPE is supported by the competent researchers, laboratory facilities, inventory, and office and building infrastructure.


Become a recognized and trusted center for economic and development studies in national level.


  1. Developing research in economic and sustainable development.
  2. Promoting research-based teaching.
  3. Developing economic theories and its application.
  4. Strengthening network in teaching and education, training, research and community development.


In general, PPE FE UII offers services in conducting studies, research, training, workshops and seminars, consultation, empowerment and community service development. PPE FE UII covers the following activities:

  1. Conducting research and other scientific activities especially those concerning aspects of industry and trade, regional development, and finance and banking.
  2. Monitoring and evaluating research activities.
  3. Providing studies for input to the government and other institutions for policy purposes.
  4. Developing collaborative research with other institutions.
  5. Documenting research report, data, and information on economic development.
  6. Training, mentoring and empowering the community services.
  7. Disseminating the research studies in form of seminar and workshop.